In the Senate, the analysis of the privatization of Correios will cover 2022

In the Senate, the analysis of the bill that paves the way for the privatization of Correios will be postponed until 2022. | Photo: Marcelo Andrade / Arquivo / Gazeta do Povo

Chairman of the Senate Economic Affairs Committee (CAE), Senator Otto Alencar (PSD-BA) no longer intends to vote this year on the bill that paves the way for the privatization of Correios. The postponement of the debate is due to opposition resistance and doubts expressed by other parties. The information is from the newspaper “Valor”.

“He won’t be going to plenary this year,” the congressman said in an interview with the vehicle. “I’m not going to vote for the CAE. It’s only for next year, if that’s what it takes.” For some experts, the delay could jeopardize privatization as the process unfolds in the run-up to presidential elections. Among other things, the timing tends to be less appealing to investors due to heightened political uncertainty.

According to Otto, the amount intended for the sale of Correios is similar to the company’s annual profit, which should increase resistance to the privatization proposal. “They [governo] they continue to claim that this small amount is due to the company’s social liabilities, but without demonstrating this liability. They have to show that responsibility, ”he said. The data is not public.

Bill 591/21 was approved by the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies last August, by 286 votes to 173 and two abstentions. If it is amended in the Senate, the matter returns to the House. But, if approved, it will be the government’s second victory over privatizations. The first took place on June 21, when lawmakers approved Interim Measure 1.031, which paves the way for the privatization of Eletrobras. The federal government expects to sell 100% of the crown corporation, by auction, in the first quarter of 2022.

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