Income paid reimbursement of the 4th batch of income tax 2021

The 2021 income tax refund is deposited directly to the bank account indicated in the return. Photo: Marcelo Andrade / Gazeta do Povo / Arquivo

On Tuesday (31) the IRS paid the refunds of the fourth batch of the personal income tax (IRPF) 2021. According to the agency, more than 3.8 million taxpayers are expected to receive 5.1 billion reais . Of this amount, 273.2 million reais will go to priority taxpayers in terms of restitution, such as the elderly, people with physical disabilities, serious illnesses or those whose main source of income is. teaching. A total of 3,710,930 non-priority taxpayers who filed their returns before August 16 were also covered. Payment is automatically made to the bank account entered during the income tax return. To find out if the funds have been released in this batch, the taxpayer must access the Revenue page on the internet.

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