Income tax reform takes R $ 41 billion from Union, states and municipalities, according to Comsefaz

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The version of the income tax reform bill approved by the Chamber of Deputies is expected to result in a loss of revenue of around R $ 41.3 billion in 2023, of which R $ 19.3 billion for taxpayers. States and municipalities. The calculation is carried out by the Committee of State and Federal District Secretaries of Finance (Comsefaz).

The entity had previously criticized the text for considering that there would be a drop in the income of sub-national entities. With last-minute changes to the text, like ending the restriction on simplified IRPF reporting and lowering the tax rate on profits and dividends, the loss will be even greater. Now the secretaries want to push for the Senate to change the bill.

According to estimates by Comsefaz, published by the newspaper Valor Econômico, the project should have a negative impact of 22.1 billion reais for the Union, 9.9 billion reais for the States and 9.3 billion reais for the municipalities. However, the Union would see part of the drop offset by the end of PIS and Cofins tax incentives in certain sectors, which could yield gains of 18.55 billion reais, according to the entity.

If the bill goes through the Senate and is sanctioned as soon as it leaves the House, the State Participation Fund (FPE) would have a reduction of BRL 4.8 billion, while the Municipalities Participation Fund ( FPM) would lose 5.6 billion BRL – the amounts are already factored into the 19.3 billion reais that the entities would lose.

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