Industrial production falls 2.4% in January, but accumulates a rise of 3.1% in 12 months

Among activities, the largest reductions were recorded in motor vehicles, trailers and bodies (-17.4%). Photograph:

Brazil’s industrial production fell 2.4% in January 2022 from December 2021, wiping out some of the 2.9% expansion seen the previous month. Compared to January 2021, there was a decrease of 7.2%. Over the past twelve months, however, the industry is accumulating a high of 3.1%. The data was released this Wednesday (9) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

“We found that the month of January is well characterized by a loss of momentum and a general pattern of decline, since all major economic categories show a decline in production, both compared to the previous month and compared to January 2021” , indicates the director of research, André Macedo, in a note.

According to the survey, the fall presented by the industry in January was accompanied by the four major economic categories and by 20 of the 26 branches studied. Among activities, the largest declines were recorded in motor vehicles, trailers and bodies (-17.4%) and mining and quarrying (-5.2%), which had accumulated increases of 18.0%. 2% and 6.0%, respectively, in the last two months of 2021.

The other declines come from the beverage sector (-4.5%), metallurgy (-2.8%), other chemicals (-2.2%), machinery and equipment (-2.3%) , pharmacochemical and pharmaceutical products (-5.4%), metal products (-3.3%), computer equipment, electronic and optical products (-4.5%) and non-metallic mineral products (-2.4%) . The production of durable consumer goods (-11.5%) and capital goods (-5.6%) also saw negative rates in January 2022, the former eliminating the 9.6% advance accumulated in the during the last two months of 2021 and the second category reversing the high of 5.4 recorded the previous month.

Among the six activities that recorded an increase in January 2022, the production of coke, petroleum products and biofuels (3.5%) and food products (1.4%) stand out.

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