Lira creates commission to reform income tax; but PL must be treated urgently

Arthur Lira, President of the Chamber of Deputies | Photo: Pablo Valadares / Chamber of Deputies

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL) decided this Wednesday morning (4) to create a special commission to analyze the bill amending the rules of income tax (IR). Despite this, the text must be sent to the vote directly in the plenary of the House, because there is an urgency for the treatment of the proposal and the agreement of the leaders for the approval of the measure. With this, the analysis by the commissions would be ruled out.

The creation of the special commission would have been a mere formality. The statutes of the Chamber provide for the need for specific collegial bodies for matters falling within the competence of more than three merit committees. The text of the IR reform should be circulated to social security and family committees by law; Foreign Affairs and National Defense; Economic development, Industry, Trade and Services; Finance and Taxation; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship.

At Valor, Lira said that the subject will not be dealt with in the commissions. “We will approve the urgent requirement today,” he said. The request is on the agenda of the deliberative session which begins at 13:55. According to Veja magazine, with the approval of the emergency, the project itself must be voted on by Friday (6).

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