Lula accuses Lava Jato of the price of gasoline, says the operation destroyed the industry

Lula said Operation Lava Jato is “culpable” for the high price of gasoline in Brazil and that the objective of the task force’s actions was to “destroy the country’s oil, gas and naval industry”. Photo: Joédson Alves / EFE

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva went to social media on Wednesday (30) to complain once again about the effects of Operation Lava Jato in the country. In a Twitter post, MP PT said the federal government does not know how to resolve crises and must listen to the people. “In my government, I organized 74 national conferences to listen to different segments of society. I am sure the people will start ruling this country again, ”Lula wrote.

In another part of the publication, he says the government is responsible for inflation and that under his rule the country has returned to balanced budgets. “Today, around 50% of inflation is contingent on government controlled prices. The government therefore bears a large share of the responsibility for inflation. For the price of energy, gas, gasoline, diesel. On fiscal responsibility: When I took office, we had a domestic public debt of 60% of GDP. When Dilma finished his tenure, he was at 32%. For all the consecutive years of our governments, Brazil has been the only G20 country with a primary surplus, ”he wrote.

The petista also said he would intervene in Petrobras and change the company’s pricing policy, without specifying how. “I say it loud and clear: we are not going to maintain this policy of increasing gas and petrol prices that Petrobras adopted because it leveled prices on the international market. Who should benefit from Petrobras is the Brazilian people, “he wrote.

At the end of the post, Lula also said that Operation Lava Jato is “culpable” for the high price of gasoline in Brazil and that the aim of the task force’s actions was to “destroy the oil industry. , gas and naval “in the country. “Lava Jato’s goal, we already know what it was. It was to destroy the shipping industry in this country. Destroy the oil and gas industry. Look at the price of gasoline now … There is no explanation for this price policy leveled by the international market, ”he published.

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