Mini-labor reform could be the target of questioning in court

| Photo: Ana Volpe / Senate Agency

The mini-labor reform proposal, included in MP 1.045 and approved by the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday, could become the target of arrests in the courts. One of the possibilities, mentioned by specialists and the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) in the newspaper “O Globo”, concerns the themes placed in the provisional measure. It may not include other themes than the original, as provided for in the Constitution.

Other aspects of the mini-labor reform that can be questioned are the possibility of modifying the working hours of minors, allowing shifts of up to 12 hours in a single day; the need to register for government social programs for access to free justice and the extension of working hours for categories whose work shift is less than eight hours per day, by paying an additional 20% and not 50 %, as provided by law

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