MP 1045, for the mini labor reform, goes to the Senate

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The Chamber of Deputies concluded the vote of MP 1045, which re-issues the program to reduce the workload and wages and proceed with a mini labor reform. The highlights presented by the opposition have been overturned and now the text goes to the Senate for consideration.

The changes include employment programs – rescue measures from the Carteira Verde e Amarela program, which lasted a few months in 2020 – and professional requalification. Some of them will be endowed with resources which are now allocated by companies to the S system. The provisions inserted by the deputies in MP 1.045 also make changes to the Consolidation of labor law (CLT) and to the definition of who can count on free access to justice.

The measure, which provides for a mini labor reform, may not have an easy way to implement, because, according to the newspaper “O Globo”, it could be the target of arrests before the courts. One of the problems, according to specialists and the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT), concerns the issues raised in the MP. It cannot include other matters than the original, as provided for in the Constitution.

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