MP do Auxílio Brasil’s rapporteur renounces inflation readjustment

Deputy Marcelo Aro (PP-MG), rapporteur for the provisional measure of Auxílio Brasil. Photo: Pablo Valadares / Chamber of Deputies

The rapporteur for the interim measure (MP) that creates Brazil Aid, replacing Bolsa Família, MP Marcelo Aro (PP-MG), backed down and gave up forcing the federal government to automatically readjust the benefit each year by the National Consumer Price Index (INPC). This measure was rejected by the government’s economic team and met with resistance from some of the deputies.

The forecast is that the matter will be considered by the plenary of the House on Thursday (25). After that, the matter must be considered by the Senate and, if it is not approved by December 7, it will expire.

Aro maintains in his opinion a change in the scope of the service, by widening the limit of access of families to the program. That is, the extreme poverty line will drop from R $ 100 to R $ 105 and the poverty line from R $ 200 to R $ 210.

The congressman also retained in the text another article that prohibits queues to collect the benefit and the removal of the limitation of five beneficiaries per family, including the nursing mother (a nursing woman) in the family composition. The reporter also allows beneficiaries to withdraw the resource in lottery boxes and not only in the federal agencies of the Caixa Econômica.

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