New Bolsa Família allows payday loans

President João Bolsonaro and Minister João Roma: the Ministry of Citizenship will also define the conditions of the deductible loans from the salaries that will be authorized under Auxílio Brasil, successor of Bolsa Famila. Photo: Marcos Corrêa / PR

The provisional measure that creates the Auxílio Brasil program, successor to Bolsa Família, allows the remission of up to 30% of the monthly allowance for the payment of payday loans contracted with institutions that operate with microcredit. According to the deputy’s text, published in the Official Journal of the Union on Tuesday (10), the authorization is valid for “beneficiaries of federal social assistance or income transfer programs”.

All details regarding the shipment – formalities, fees, interest limits, duration and grace periods, among others – will always be defined by the Department of Citizenship. The measure also defines that the file may provide for “the requirement and the conditions for prior participation of the beneficiary in a financial education course”.

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