New version of IR reform maintains losses of 24 billion reais for states

André Horta, from Comsefaz | Photo: Disclosure / Comsefaz

Despite the changes made by MP Celso Sabino (PSDB-PA) in the replacement of the income tax reform bill, states and municipalities still have to suffer budget losses of at least 24 billion reais per year. The estimate is made by the Committee of State and Federal District Finance Secretaries (Comsefaz), which maintains a position against the approval of the text. “It gets worse. From now on, the losses of the Union are zero, and the States and the municipalities support the changes”, declared the institutional director of the entity, André Horta, to the newspaper “Folha de S.Paulo”.

In July, after the publication of a preliminary report by Sabino on the government’s proposal, Comsefaz issued an open letter in which it called for the rejection of the text in its entirety because of the damage that would have to be borne by subnational entities. In the final version of his deputy, the deputy included a series of measures which, according to him, would compensate the losses – the accounts are called into question by the States.

Among them are the triggers for the reduction in the corporate tax rate (IRPJ), which would only have additional reductions in the event of a real increase in income, in addition to an increase in taxation on the company. mining exploration and the distribution of the corresponding share of the Union to states and municipalities. Added to other provisions, such as the one providing for a temporary window for the declaration of income from wealth abroad with reduced taxation – which would generate additional income in 2022 – the changes would generate a neutral tax impact, according to Sabino.

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