ONS asks factories to suspend maintenance in the second half of the year

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Furnas factory, in Rio Grande, Minas Gerais | Photo: Luiz Coelho / WikimediaCommons

To reduce the risk of power cuts and rationing amid the country’s biggest water crisis in 91 years, the National Electricity System Operator (ONS) has called for power plants to suspend maintenance scheduled for the second half of the year, according to the newspaper. “O Globe”. The aim is to maintain the energy supply in order to meet demand, especially in October and November.

The statement applies to thermoelectric, hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants. The agency responsible for the operational management of the Brazilian electricity system informed the newspaper that the request was sent to all producers whose operation is under its command to ensure “the safety and also the excellence in the operation of the system. “.

In one of the letters to which the publication had access, the ONS specifies that it is necessary to “maximize the availability of power plants, particularly in October and November, which will constitute a fundamental resource for the electro-energy service of the SIN (National system interconnected) ”.

The request relates to the postponement of the maintenance of the plants to the beginning of 2022, “thus allowing the full use of resources”. The agency justifies the appeal “in view of the severity of the energy conditions that were configured at the end of the rainy season, with low levels of storage in the reservoirs of the National Interconnected Network”.

The water level in the Southeast / Midwest subsystem reservoirs, the most important for the electrical system, was 27.69% on Friday (16), according to the ONS. The index is the lowest for this time of year, according to agency records. In 2001, while the country was going through energy rationing, in mid-July, these dams were operating at 27.89% of their capacity.

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