ONS relaxes criteria for energy transfer between regions

Wind power complex in the state of Bahia. Photo: Secom / Government of Bahia

The National Electricity System Operator (ONS) published on Friday (20) a technical note containing new operating criteria to ensure maximum energy transfer capacity between the different regions of the country. According to the ONS, the change will allow a better use of the energy resources available in the National Interconnected System (SIN) and responds to the request of the Chamber of Exceptional Rules for the Management of Hydroenergy (CREG), created to order the actions. to meet the historical shortage. which compromises the national electricity system.

The rules defined are more flexible, increasing the limits for sending energy from the North / North-East to the South / South-East / Midwest (the most affected by the drought), with a potential gain in energy transfer that can go up to 2,850 MW.

When disclosing the measure, the ONS pointed out that prospective studies show that there is a possibility that the reservoirs will reach, by the end of the dry period (in November), critical storage levels in the reservoirs. South and Southeast / Midwest subsystems, despite the exceptional actions taken to deal with the water crisis. According to the operator, with the proposed measure, “it will be possible to allocate surplus production in the North and North-East [menos atingidos pela baixa afluência e geradores por fonte eólica] in the southern reservoirs, allowing its use in periods of high load which historically occur from the month of September “.

Also on Friday, the ONS raised from 3.2% to 3.4% the projection of a high energy load in the country for the month of August. “The load increase percentages reflect the advancement of vaccination, the reduction in restrictions and the recovery of the economy. The record increase in international sales has also boosted job creation and the industrial sector, particularly in export industries, ”he said. operator, in a note. All subsystems saw an increase in demand from the previous week, according to the Monthly Operation Program (PMO) bulletin.

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