opinion will rule out much of the government’s proposal

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The deputy Arthur Maia (DEM-BA), rapporteur of the PEC on administrative reform, and the Minister of the Economy, Paulo Guedes | Photo: Gustavo Sales / Chamber of Deputies

Rapporteur of the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) of the administrative reform, the deputy Arthur Maia (DEM-BA) will advance the presentation of his opinion for next week – the previous forecast was that the report had been sent before the first week of September.

In the newspaper “Valor Econômico”, the deputy declared that he had to make major changes to the text sent by the executive. “We are going to rule out a considerable part of what has been proposed by the government. It will be a new text, ”he said.

According to the publication, Maia revised her views on the matter after a series of public hearings held by the Special Reform Commission. He decided, for example, to include in his substitute the definition of typical careers of the state, which he previously thought would make the text difficult to adopt. The government’s proposal says that typical careers will be the only ones stable in the civil service, but leaves the definition for further regulation.

Another change is the removal of the PEC from the probationary phase for these careers. The government wanted civil servants to go through a period of probation before gaining stability, but the rapporteur believes that the regime could make the decisions of civil servants at this stage fragile and questionable.

The notice should also provide guidelines for the evaluation of server performance, which will include the participation of the population, will be done electronically and will take into account a timetable. Maia will also withdraw the proposal to turn managerial positions into commissioned positions, keeping the restriction only for employees with public exams.

One of the proposal’s biggest controversies, however, should not be completely overcome. The PEC initially changed the rules only for management employees. Maia has promised to include legislative and judicial officials, but must exclude the military and police.

Pending delivery, the report must be voted on by the special committee in the first week of September to go to the plenary session of the House. Given the dead ends surrounding the income tax reform project, it is possible that administrative reform will go ahead.

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