Parliamentary Front for a Competitive Brazil launches legislative program

Launch of the Joint Parliamentary Front for a Competitive Brazil | Photo credit: Diego Campos / CNI

This Wednesday 1st, the Mixed Parliamentary Front for a Competitive Brazil launched its legislative program. The objective is to support the approval of the projects already presented by the Executive and the Legislature in order to reduce the “cost Brazil”, explained the president of the thematic chamber, the deputy Alexis Fonteyne (Novo-SP).

The agenda is divided into 12 axes: the opening of businesses; business financing; the opening of jobs; incentives for infrastructure; access to basic inputs; effective legal and regulatory environment; integration with global supply chains; tax reform; access to public services through administrative reform; the reinvention of the business; competitiveness; the takeover or closure of a business.

In total, 30 projects are on the legislative agenda of the parliamentary front. Three are priorities: Interim Measure (MP) 1040/2021, which deals with measures aimed at reducing bureaucracy to increase competitiveness and modernize the business environment in the country; Bill (PL) 5387/2019, which proposes measures to bring the country into compliance with modern world trade legislation; and MP 1057/2021, which proposes measures to encourage credit to entrepreneurs. The other proposals are “under study”.

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