PEC of court orders in installments of 10 years and correction by Selic

Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, approved the presentation of the PEC de precatórios | Photo: Edu Andrade / Ascom / ME

The government transmitted Monday (9) to the National Congress the proposed amendment to the Constitution which modifies the payment deadlines for court orders (debts recognized by the courts). The PEC provides that court-ordered debts in excess of R $ 66 million can be paid in ten installments, 15% in cash and the remainder in annual installments. Other court orders may be paid in installments if the total sum of court orders is greater than 2.6% of the federal government’s current net revenues.

Another change will be that all court decisions will be corrected by the Selic rate, regardless of their nature. Today, due to a decision of the Federal Supreme Court, the rates used depend on the nature of the precatório, which can be Selic or IPCA + 6%.

The text will also allow the creation of a fund so that the amounts from real estate sales, collection of dividends from state-owned companies, concessions and oil sharing can be used directly to pay court decisions or public debt. federal government, which will give greater flexibility. the government is betting on the approval of this PEC to help finance Auxílio Brasil, the program that will replace Bolsa Família.

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