PEC of court orders will have “clear cut” enactment, says Lira

House of Commons Speaker Arthur Lira Says Common Parts Approved By MPs And Senators Will Be Prompted Immediately | Photo: Michel Jesus / Chamber of Deputies.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), affirmed that “the maximum effort” will be made to promulgate as quickly as possible the common parts of the PEC of the precatório. It is a “decided text”, in which the part approved by the Chamber and the Senate is published and enters into force, and the part modified by one of the Chambers remains under analysis in the other. , as an independent proposal. The Senate approved the text Thursday (2) with amendments which require a new analysis by the deputies.

“Not even the market, the stock exchange, the dollar, businessmen, municipalities, creditors and more, those who need help from Brazil can expect twice a new CCJ, a special committee and a plenary procedure. It is quite normal that common texts can be promulgated, ”said Lira. According to him, the advisers of the Chamber and the Senate will define what can already be promulgated and what must come back to the analysis of the deputies.

The PEC opens in the 2022 budget a fiscal space to finance 400 R $ per month to the beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil by modifying the formula for calculating the expenditure ceiling and by creating a sub-ceiling for the payment of court decisions, debts of the Union and of the federated entities resulting from the final judgments of the courts. With information from the Câmara Agency.

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