Petrobras backs off and offers 50% readjustments to gas distributors

Petrobras claims that future negotiations take into account product availability and that natural gas prices are inflated around the world. Photo: André Motta de Souza / Agence Petrobras

Petrobras has readjusted its natural gas offerings next year for distributors, projecting prices up to 50% for long-term contracts. The new value came after an initial forecast from the state-owned company, which warned last month that the increase could reach 400%.

Any adjustments were included in the new contracts that the company negotiated with the distributors, who then filed an appeal against the company with the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade). Even with the reduction in that increase, the Brazilian Association of Pipeline Gas Distribution Companies (Abegás) upheld the complaint with the agency, accusing Petrobras of practices that undermine competition.

According to the entity, short-term contracts continue with onerous adjustments, generating consequences for the market.

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