Petrobras increases gasoline price by R $ 0.09 per liter

Petrobras’ last gasoline price readjustment took place in July. Photo: Albari Rosa / Archives / Gazeta do Povo

Petrobras announced on Wednesday (11) that it will again increase the price of gasoline from tomorrow (12). According to the company, the average value of the readjustment will be R $ 0.09 per liter. In a statement, Petrobras justified the measure, claiming to follow the rise in the price of fuel on the international market. “From tomorrow 12/08, following the rise in international prices, and in order to ensure that the market continues to be supplied without risk of shortage, the average selling price of Petrobras gasoline to distributors will become of R $ 2.78 per liter, reflecting an average readjustment of R $ 0.09 per liter, ”the company informed. The last adjustment took place in July.

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