Procon-SP and Itapemirim sign agreement to reimburse consumers

The suspension of Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos (ITA) operations has affected more than 45,000 passengers. Photo: Disclosure.

Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos (ITA) and the Procon SP Foundation on Tuesday (28) signed a voluntary commitment clause in which the company undertakes to reimburse in full the amounts to consumers who file a complaint on the Procon-SP website. In case of non-compliance, the company will be fined R $ 5 million. Itapemirim suspended flights indefinitely on December 18.

According to Procon-SP, by the term, “the company undertakes to transmit reimbursement requests and to provide for the immediate reimbursement request to the financial institution responsible for the bank card within a maximum period of ten days”. For purchases made in installments, chargebacks will occur in the form and term of the card.

Itapemirim has also pledged to transport the affected people to the city where they live, and the displacement is to be done mainly by air. In the event of unavailability, another means of transport may be offered to you. The company is also responsible for paying for accommodation, food and transportation expenses incurred by consumers. If the transport is by road, ITA undertakes to reimburse the airline ticket in full. The agreement does not exempt the ITA from administrative or judicial responsibility for the suspension of the company’s operations.

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