Procon-SP informs airlines and requests explanations of canceled flights

Movement of passengers at Brasilia International Airport. Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

Airlines Gol, Latam and Azul have been notified by Procon-SP to provide more information on flight cancellations in recent days. Hundreds of domestic and international flights are canceled at Brazilian airports due to lack of crew, including pilots and co-pilots. The situation was caused by the increase in medical layoffs in January due to Covid-19 and the flu.

Until Wednesday (12), companies must inform Procon of the number of canceled flights, the number of passengers affected and forecasts for the next fifteen days. The agency is also asking companies to clarify which emergency plan is adopted to minimize damage to passengers. Airlines will need to indicate how far in advance the cancellation information is provided to the passenger and whether material assistance is provided.

It will also be necessary to inform the time limit for the consumer to be reimbursed, if this is his wish. Procon also asks the number of employees on leave, whether vaccination was mandatory and whether continuous testing is carried out on professionals. Gol did not comment on the Procon notification and indicated that so far no company flights have been canceled.

Azul confirmed that he had received the notification from Procon and would respond to the agency within the allotted time. Latam also confirmed that she has been notified and will provide the necessary clarifications to the agency. With information from Agência Brasil.

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