PT and PSL are the richest parties

The LDO project brought the total amount allocated to the Special Campaign Finance Fund, the so-called Election Fund, to 5.7 billion reais. Photo: Pablo Valadares / Chamber of Deputies

Approval of the increase in the electoral fund to 5.7 billion reais reais will further enrich the parties which hold the most seats in the Chamber of Deputies. The law determines that they are responsible for most of the so-called Special Campaign Finance Fund.

According to a projection published in a report by the newspaper O Globo, PSL and PT, which have the largest number of parliamentarians in the House, will almost triple the resources they received in the 2020 elections.

Together, the two parties would receive over 1 billion reais reais, 575.8 million reais for the right-wing party and 565.5 million reais for the members of the PT. In 2020, the maximum amount allocated by the Fund was 201.2 million reais.

According to data from the Higher Electoral Tribunal, the PT received R $ 201,297,516.62 last year, that is, it could receive 2.8 times more in 2022. The PSL received 199,442 R $ 419.81. In comparison, the former party of President Jair Bolsonaro could receive 2.88 times more in the next election.

According to the same projection, other parties would also significantly increase resources for election campaigns. MDB would be entitled to receive 424.6 million reais; the PSD, 388.8 million reais; PP, BRL 383.5 million and PSDB, BRL 375.9 million.

In total, 11 of the 33 parties are expected to receive a share in excess of R $ 200 million next year, the maximum amount allocated to a party in last year’s elections.

The Election Fund makes the 2022 elections even more expensive

Also according to O Globo, the approval of the increase in the electoral fund should make the 2022 election the most expensive in history, against the tide of the least cost of electoral campaigns in 2016, 2018 and 2020.

This most expensive campaign post today belongs to the conflict of 2014, when candidates spent 6.3 billion reais, in inflation-adjusted amounts. That year, corporate donations were still allowed.

This amount is expected to be exceeded in 2022 because, in addition to the 5.7 billion reais from the fund, funding through the party fund and donations from individuals are still allowed.

The Special Campaign Finance Fund was set up in 2018 as a compensation mechanism for the end of corporate donations. This campaign fundraising model has been frowned upon, especially after allegations of corruption uncovered by Operation Lava Jato investigations.

Bolsonaro sanction or veto

The LDO 2022 proposal has yet to pass the approval of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro.

According to the O Globo report, advisers recommended that the president not veto an increase in the election fund. They think it would put unnecessary pressure on Congress, which approved the proposal with strong support from lawmakers.

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