Public accounts close October with a positive balance of 28 billion reais

The Treasury posted the biggest positive result for the month of October in five years for the public accounts. Photo: Marcelo Andrade / Arquivo Gazeta do Povo

The National Treasury Secretariat informed on Monday (29) that the public accounts recorded a surplus of 28.195 billion reais in October. This is the biggest positive result for the month of October in five years, as in 2016 the surplus was R $ 51.756, in the inflation-adjusted amount. The result is a reflection of the increased income and reduced spending generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. With this, the central government, formed by the National Treasury, Social Security and the Central Bank, closed the month of October in the blue.

The main result is income minus expenses, excluding interest charges. In October of last year, the central government recorded a deficit of 3.783 billion reais (adjusted for inflation). According to the Treasury, in October 2021 compared to the same month last year, there was a real (inflation-discounted) increase of 5.9% (growth of R $ 8.7 billion) in net revenue. and a 15.4% real drop (less than R $ 23.3 billion) in total spending.

Extraordinary credits and financial support to states and municipalities decreased by 22.8 billion reais and 4 billion reais, respectively, compared to October 2020. With the October figure, the cumulative result in ten months totals a primary deficit of 53.404 billion real, against a balance of 767.421 billion BRL (corrected for inflation) during the same period of 2020. This is the smallest cumulative negative result from January to October since 2015 , the year it amounted to BRL 51.587 billion. With information from AgĂȘncia Brasil.

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