Public debt falls 1.29% in October to reach BRL 5.37 trillion

Federal government debt (DPF) fell for the second month in a row. Photo: Marcello Casal Jr / Agência Brasil

Federal public debt (DPF) fell 1.29% to reach BRL 5.373 billion in October, the National Treasury Secretariat informed on Wednesday (24). The maturity of over R $ 250 billion in fixed-rate government bonds, i.e. with pre-defined interest, influenced debt reduction for the second month in a row. Through public debt, the government borrows money from investors to honor its financial commitments.

In exchange, he agrees to return the funds after a few years, with some corrections, which may follow the Selic rate, inflation, the dollar or be fixed in advance. In recent months, the Treasury had stepped up the issuance of government bonds to replenish the public debt cushion. This reserve increased from BRL 1,128 billion in September to BRL 1,011 billion in October. Currently, the mattress covers nearly a year of public debt maturities.

Financial institutions continue to be the main holders of domestic public debt, with a 28.8% share in the stock. Investment funds have 23.8% and pension funds 22.7%. The participation of non-residents (foreigners) increased slightly, from 10.1% in September to 10.5% in October. The other groups represent 14.3% of participation, according to data collected in the month. With information from Agência Brasil.

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