Public debt increases 3.07% in June to reach R $ 5.33 trillion, according to Treasury

The Treasury predicts that the debt will continue to rise in the coming months. Photo: Marcelo Andrade / Gazeta do Povo / Arquivo

Federal government debt (DPF) in bonds rose 3.07% in June from the previous month. As a result, the value reached R $ 5.33 trillion. The data was released on Wednesday (28) by the National Treasury Secretariat. The DPF includes public debts in Brazil and abroad.

The Treasury predicts that the debt will continue to rise over the next few months and is expected to end 2021 between 5.5 trillion and 5.8 trillion reais. According to the Treasury, the growth in June was explained by the issuance of debt bonds which totaled 138.13 billion reais and interest which exceeded 20.60 billion reais. Internal public debt, which only takes into account bonds sold in Brazil, increased by 3.29%, reaching R $ 5.103 billion.

The increase was not greater as the federal external public debt (DPFe) fell 1.77%, from 230.75 billion reais in May to 226.67 billion reais in June. The main factor was the 4.4% drop in the dollar last month.

In recent months, the Treasury had stepped up the issuance of public bonds to replenish the public debt cushion, which is the financial reserve used in times of turmoil or high concentration of maturities. This reserve increased from BRL 1,036 billion in May to BRL 1,167 billion in June. With information from AgĂȘncia Brasil.

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