Public sector to have first primary surplus in eight years

The information was given on Wednesday (29) by the Secretary of the National Treasury, Paulo Valle | Photo: Pedro França / Senate Agency

The consolidated public sector, which includes the federal government, states, municipalities and state-owned enterprises, is expected to close 2021 with the first primary public accounts surplus since 2012, according to a National Treasury Secretariat forecast announced after the publication of the R $ 3.9 billion surplus from the federal government in November.

Since 2013, the public accounts have accumulated eight consecutive years of primary deficit. The main result is income minus expenses, excluding interest charges.

The information was given this Wednesday (29) by the Secretary of the National Treasury, Paulo Valle. This should happen, he said, because the primary deficit of the central government (National Treasury, Social Security and Central Bank) will be lower than initially expected, being lower than the primary surplus in the state accounts.

“From January to November, in the central government, we have a deficit of BRL 49 billion. States and municipalities had a surplus of BRL 100 billion. This BRL 100 billion will decrease, because this December has more spending, and the BRL 49 billion [de déficit do Governo Central] will go up a bit. If it is, for example, around BRL 70 billion [de déficit] central government and states for [superávit], for example, out of R $ 75 billion, we are talking about a primary surplus of about R $ 5 billion, “Valle said.

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