Publishes suspicious hacker attack on systems and website

Post’s website and internal systems are unstable Thursday. The problem could be due to a cyber attack, according to the company. Photo: Marcelo Andrade / Arquivo / Gazeta do Povo

Correios has informed that the downtime issues with its website and the company’s business systems, seen on Thursday (23), could be linked to a hacker attack. There is still no confirmation of the suspicions, but, in a statement, the state-owned company said there was no evidence of data loss or sequestration.

The Correios website has become operational again after an outage, but it still exhibits instabilities and connection errors in the access attempts made by Gazeta do Povo.

On December 10, the Department of Health’s website and systems were the target of a cyberattack that brought down tools such as the official Connect SUS app, which remains inoperative after 13 days. The e-SUS Notifica, used to centralize information on confirmed cases and deaths from Covid-19 in the country, only resumed work on Tuesday (21).

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