Readjustment of the tariff flag to be voted on next week

Aneel is expected to set the tariff flag readjustment next week. Photo: Marcelo Camargo / AgĂȘncia Brasil

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) is expected to vote on the readjustment of the tariff flag next week. The readjustment process was not on the agenda for the regular meeting on Tuesday (31) at the request of the federal government. The information was published by CNN Brasil.

According to the General Federal Regulatory Agencies Act, only matters on the meeting agenda, which must be disclosed by the agency over the Internet, can be deliberated at least three working days in advance. The next regular board meeting is scheduled for September 8th.

Last Friday (27), Aneel defined that the tariff flag in September 2021 will be red at level 2, the most expensive in the collection system. The estimate is that the correction will go to around R $ 14 for every 100kWh consumed.

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