Senate approves lawmaker who creates housing program for police and firefighters

Plenary of the Federal Senate.| Photo: Marcos Oliveira/Federal Senate of Brazil

The Senate approved this Wednesday (16) the Interim Measure (MP) that creates a housing program for public safety professionals and provides subsidies for the category in the construction of their own home. The proposal goes as far as presidential sanction. In September last year, the government edited the MP to create the initiative which was named “Habite Seguro”. The text had already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies in early February.

Caixa Econômica Federal will be responsible for managing the funds. The amount intended to finance the program will come from the National Public Security Fund (FNSP), attached to the Ministry of Justice. Habite Seguro will target police and firefighters who earn up to R$7,000 and will use a similar interest rate to Casa Verde e Amarela. According to Caixa, the subsidy in the first year can reach 100 million reais.

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