Senate approves R $ 2,500 aid for family farmers

Senators approved the payment of aid to farming families affected by the pandemic. Photo: Marcos Oliveira / Senate Agency

The Senate approved this Wednesday (25) the payment of aid of R $ 2,500 per family to producers in poverty and extreme poverty affected by the pandemic and the extension of rural debts until December 2022. The project continues under presidential sanction. The text takes up points opposed by the government’s veto in the family farmers’ aid project approved in 2020.

The urgent promotion of productive rural inclusion will be released in a single installment in the amount of R $ 2.5,000 per family or R $ 3,000 in the case of families headed by women. For tank projects or water access technologies, the benefit will be R $ 3,500.

The government leader, Senator Fernando Bezerra Coelho (MDB-PE), was against the bill. According to him, the government will not be able to absorb the fiscal impact of 550 million reais generated by the payments of the benefit.

The project automatically grants the benefit of crop guarantee, also providing for the National Monetary Council to create rural credit lines for family farmers and smallholder milk producers at a rate of 0% per annum, ten years to pay and a five-year grace period. In addition, it establishes the Emergency Assistance Program for Family Farming (PAE-AF) to allow purchases with simultaneous donation of food to people in a situation of food insecurity. With information from the Senate Agency.]

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