Senate approves Refis with up to 90% forgiveness of company debt

Plenary session of the Federal Senate in ordinary semi-participation. Photo: Marcos Oliveira / Senate Agency

The Senate approved this Thursday (5) the bill reopening the Special Tax Regularization Program (Pert), said Refis. The proposal guarantees the remission of up to 90% of fines and interest and 100% of charges for debts of companies and individuals accumulated up to this year. The project has not yet been analyzed by the Chamber of Deputies. The information was published by Estadão.

Refis membership can be made until September 30, 2021, the balance can be paid up to 12 years, with reduced down payments for the first three years. For businesses, the greater the drop in sales between March and December 2020, compared to the same period in 2019, the better the conditions offered by the program.

The drop in turnover will be analyzed in six installments so that companies can join Refis. Depending on the bracket, the entry percentage to join the program will vary from 25% (in the first bracket) to 2.5% (in the last bracket). The text also determines that businesses and individuals will be able to use their own federal or third-party orders to amortize the remaining balance upon joining the program.

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