States ask STF to reduce ICMS on energy and telecoms until 2024

On Tuesday (22), STF ministers decided to ban the imposition of higher ICMS tariffs on energy and telecommunications services. Photo: Felipe Sampaio / SCO / STF

The National Committee of State and Federal District Secretaries of Finance, Finance, Revenue or Taxation (Consefaz) asked the Federal Supreme Court (STF) that the decision that determined the reduction of the ICMS for services electricity and telecommunications services, such as telephone and internet, will not be valid until 2024. The information is from Valor Econômico.

The states claim that with the postponement of this reduction, the determination would be in accordance with the Multi-Year Plans (PPA), a government planning instrument that defines the directions, objectives and goals of public administration for a period of four years. They begin at the end of terms and end at the start of the next term. “If modulation is not possible, all PPAs approved in 2020, effective from this year, and valid until 2024, will remain unfeasible,” says Confaz.

On Tuesday (22), the ministers of the Court decided to ban the imposition of higher ICMS tariffs on these activities. The measure is expected to directly affect the state’s tax revenue, whose expected collection losses could reach R $ 26.7 billion per year.

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