TCU proposes to reduce payment of court decisions to BRL 39.9 billion in 2022

TCU Headquarters in Brasilia | Photo: Disclosure

The Vice-President of the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), Minister Bruno Dantas, has drawn up a proposal to reduce the total value of court orders payable by the government from 89.1 billion reais to 39.9 billion reais. federal government in 2022. The amount of the debts of the Union already definitively recognized by the Court worries the economic zone to make the functioning of the government impractical and the promised expansion of Bolsa Família.

In reality, the proposal has yet to be approved by the National Council of Justice (CNJ), chaired by the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Luiz Fux. As an administrative control body of the Judiciary, the CNJ can also issue resolutions to discipline the release of sums due in court orders. The solution proposed by Bruno Dantas can get around the government’s problem if a proposed constitutional amendment (PEC) that divides the debt is rejected by Congress.

TCU’s proposal essentially includes the payment of court rulings in the expenditure ceiling, taking as a parameter the BRL 30.2 billion that was paid in 2016 and applying the inflation correction since then of 8. 35%, to the value. The rest, of 49.1 billion reais, would be paid in 2023. The PEC presented by the government also includes the precatório in the expenditure ceiling, but with more differentiated payment rules, depending on the amount of debt (the smaller ones are paid first), with longer maturities and different correction rates.

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