The 2022 budget does not include a salary exemption; the economy is trying to overthrow

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes has interrupted his vacation in an attempt to resolve the situation. Photo: Ministry of the Economy.

The 2022 Budget rapporteur, MP Hugo Leal (PSD-RJ), did not include in the text approved by Congress the exemption of the payroll of the 17 sectors of the economy that employ the most in the country. Earlier this month, the Senate approved the extension until the end of 2023 of the measure, which was due to end on December 31 of this year. However, the program must be included in the budget to have any practical effect.

In addition, a budget forecast is necessary for President Jair Bolsonaro to sanction the project. The absence of an exemption from the wage bill in the approved text surprised the economic team. The Minister of the Economy, Paulo Guedes, even addressed a formal request to the rapporteur to ensure the inclusion of the measure. The ministry has set aside around 5 billion reais of the space created by the precatório’s PEC for the payroll exemption.

This week, Guedes interrupted his vacation in an attempt to adjust the budget proposal, according to O Globo. The program is considered essential for maintaining 6 million jobs and for economic recovery. The case also called for the inclusion of the IPI exemption levied on taxi drivers and disabled people, which also expires on December 31. However, neither the exemption nor the reduction of the IPI has been included in the budget.

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