The average income of Brazilians is the lowest since 2012, underlines the IBGE

Despite the drop in unemployment, announced on Tuesday by the IBGE, the loss of monthly income is 4.6% compared to the previous quarter | Photo credit: Christiano Antonucci / Secom-MT

The average real income of workers for the quarter ended in October 2021 is the lowest in the entire historical series of the Continuing National Household Sample Survey (PNAD), launched in 2012 by the IBGE. According to the survey, the amount of R $ 2,449 – which corresponds to the average monthly income of Brazilian workers in the sum of all activities – came after a decrease of 4.6% compared to the previous quarter; which equates to R $ 117.00 less in monthly income.

The announcement comes in parallel with the press release on Tuesday (28) of the fall in the unemployment rate in Brazil, which fell to 12.1% between August and October 2021. In comparison with the quarter ended in October 2020, the decrease reached 11.1% and represents 307 R $ less. Although there have been more people working in recent months (the unemployment rate is currently close to the pre-pandemic period, at 94 million today compared to 94.7 million at the start of 2020), incomes are lower than the period before the onset of the health crisis. .

More people are working, but the supply of workers exceeding demand has “pushed” wages up, according to IBGE analysts. The creation of more informal jobs and high inflation are also pointed out by the institute as responsible for the decline in the average income of workers.

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