The Brazilian prefers to travel to invest; even better would be to invest to travel

Liquid or short-term funds are good options for investing and making your money work for the holidays | Photo: Rovena Rosa / AgĂȘncia Brasil

With the advance of Covid-19 vaccination around the world, many people have returned to doing something that is impossible not to enjoy: planning trips. With the opening of some borders to Brazilians and hoping that more countries will accept our entry in the coming months, thinking about planning trips has once again become a good option for leisure and tourism.

A survey published recently by the booking site shows that 67% of those surveyed are traveling soon. In addition, 81% would like to explore the beauty of our own country. With this, some studies already published in recent years have occurred to me on Brazilians preferring to travel rather than invest. From there, I thought about a correlation with this practice and decided to write about the best case scenario: investing to travel.

The mentality of making finances healthier has been observed by the miners. Upon reading a survey conducted by the Federation of Chambers of Merchants of Minas Gerais (FCDL-MG) into the consumption intent of the population there over the past month, an interesting fact came to my mind. : 68% of consumers in this state are cautious with the pandemic and have focused more on saving and investing than on walking. This idea could spread throughout Brazil.

Nowadays, many operators accept cash payments on journeys, either by PIX or by bank transfer. So instead of paying for months on end for a trip you haven’t even taken – or worse, taken before – imagine what a relief it would be to invest a little, if you plan, pay for it. travel when you already have income and travel from here at a time without worrying about the most expensive part of the trip: tickets and accommodation. Of course, speaking in this way sounds easy, for many you have to prepare for it. Therefore, I always comment on planning or keeping in mind the purpose of the money to be invested.

In these cases, some interesting options are funds with immediate or short-term liquidity, which allow a quick withdrawal, the famous D + 0, D + 1 etc. Every fund has a time when you can redeem the money you invested (with or without a gain, of course), but planning is important for this. So always pay attention to this point: the number next to the letter D means how many working days it takes for a financial transaction to be completed, that is, how long it takes for the money falls into your checking account and, in this case, to pay for your trip in sight. Remember that the most recommended are the so-called conservative funds, which allocate fixed income resources, referred to as DI.

With that in mind, it is worthwhile to start investing in funds with quick quotes now, in a few months to close this long awaited journey. Traveling is without a doubt one of the best things in life, but spending it with awareness and planning is even more enjoyable.

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