The calculator allows you to simulate taxes with income tax reform

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The Public Leadership Center (CLP) has created a calculator that simulates how personal and business taxation should be if the proposed income tax reform, which is under consideration in the Chamber of Deputies , is approved. The project, with deputy rapporteur, MP Celso Sabino (PSDB-PA), was the subject of an emergency regime approved on Wednesday afternoon (4) and should be voted on in plenary in the coming days.

The calculator can be accessed here.

According to the PLC, the calculator already takes into account the parameters present in the version of Sabino. The tool makes it possible to show, for example, how companies will be able to distribute profits among shareholders. “The calculator reinforces the role of the CLP in translating the discussion of important public policies in Congress and the impacts on the population. Our challenge is to simplify things, ”explains economist Daniel Duque.

Among other changes, the IR reform project provides for a reduction of up to 12.5 percentage points in corporate income tax (IRPJ) by 2023, a readjustment of the tax rate grid on personal income (IRPF), with an increase in the exemption range for income of up to R $ 2.5,000 per month, and 20% tax on profits and dividends.

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