The Chamber approves the draft which guides the preparation of the 2022 budget

The basic text of the PLDO was approved by 278 votes to 145 and 1 abstention. Photo: Pablo Valadares / Chamber of Deputies

The Plenary Assembly of the Chamber of Deputies approved this Thursday (15), by 278 votes against and 145 for, the basic text of the Budgetary Orientation Bill (PLDO), which defines the priorities and spending objectives public for the year 2022. MPs continue to analyze the highlights of the issue.

Among other things, the text allocates around R $ 6 billion to the election fund and defines the readjustment of the minimum wage, which should be R $ 1,147. The forecast shows a primary deficit – when the value of expenditure exceeds revenue – of 170.47 billion reais for the public finance and social security budgets. GDP growth is expected to be 2.5%.

The bill is due to be considered by the Senate on Thursday. The deadline for approving the law ends on Friday 16. It is the only bill that, if not passed, prevents Parliament from going on recess, which runs until July 31.

The text approved in the House, under the leadership of the deputy Juscelino Filho (DEM-MA), defines the most important expenses each year. It is the link between the medium-term strategic plan defined by the Multiannual Plan (PPA) and the Annual Finance Law (LOA). If approved by Congress, the PLDO moves on to presidential approval.

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