The Chamber postpones the vote on the reform of IRs until next Tuesday

Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies | Photo: Cleia Viana / Chamber of Deputies

After an agreement by the leaders in the Chamber of Deputies, the vote on Bill 2337/2021, which provides for changes in income tax, was withdrawn from the agenda of the sitting this Thursday ( 12). The President of the House, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), opposed to the postponement, ended up accepting the decision of the parliamentarians, announcing for next Tuesday (17) the resumption of the discussion of the file in plenary.

Among the main changes planned in the text, which has received a replacement for the rapporteur, MP Celso Sabino (PSDB-PA), is the increase in the exemption range for personal income tax (IRPF) to R $ 2.5 thousand, the taxation of profits and dividends of 20% and a reduction of 9.5 points in corporation tax (IRPJ) and 1.5 points in social contribution on the net income (CSLL) in two years. The reduction of CSLL only entered the project in the latest version of Sabino’s replacement, released on Wednesday morning (11), when the project would initially be voted on.

The text is the target of criticism from representative entities of the private sector, who consider that there will be an increase in the tax burden, but also from States and municipalities, who calculate that they will have a loss of income. After the postponement, Sabino said he will present a new opinion on the draft, which will be the fourth version since he was appointed rapporteur.

The leaders’ agreement was announced during the analysis of a request to withdraw from the draft agenda presented by the PT and the PSOL, which was not voted on. DEM leader MP Efraim Filho (PB) praised Sabino’s work, but told Lira that there were still differences and suggestions for improving the project. “We asked for this delay so that this text can mature and vote on Tuesday,” said the deputy, who was subsequently supported by the leaders of the PSD, PSDB, PT, MDB, PDT, PSB, PSOL, Republicans, PL and New.

The benches of the PTB, PROS, PSC, PSL and PCdoB defended that the vote should take place this Thursday. “We understand this [o projeto] has been discussed a lot. Where there is no consensus, the parties understand as soon as they stand out, and we will vote, ”said Aluísio Mendes (PSC-MA).

“We fear that there will be no losses for the states and the municipalities, it is a debate which is not yet very clear. However, there is the highlights mechanism. We want to declare and guide that we are able to face the problem and vote today, ”said Renildo Calheiros (PCdoB-PE), who said he agreed with some points of the project, such as taxation of profits and dividends.

Tax reform is considered one of the priority themes of the House by President Arthur Lira, who wished to have voted last week on the income tax amendment project. “This text is on the right track. I wanted to give this impetus as an alert to this plenary of messages that we will suffer in the headlines from tomorrow at the option of those who do not want to sit down and do a fair account. There was no possibility for this presidency to bring this text to plenary if there was no certainty that the states and municipalities will not have losses, ”said Lira, before announcing the postponement.

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