The country generated 253,000 formal jobs in October

New caged data was released on Tuesday (30). Photo: Geraldo Bubniak / AENPR

Brazil generated 253.1 thousand formal jobs in October. Although positive, as it indicates that there were more hires than layoffs in the formal market, the number was 19% lower than the September balance (312,000) and 31% lower than in October. 2020 (366,300). The data, published on Tuesday (30), come from the New General Register of Employees and Unemployed (Novo Caged), the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

From January to October, the number of formal jobs created reached 2,646 million, compared to a negative balance – that is, job closures – of 279,000 during the same period of 2020. The balance The first ten months of 2021 is also the largest since 2020, when the country created 2.74 million formal jobs during the same period.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the stock of formal jobs – that is, the total number of registered jobs – reached 41.205 million at the end of October. This number represents an increase of 2.863 million vacancies compared to October 2020, or 7.5%.

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