The country generated 309,000 formal jobs in June

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Brazil generated 309,114 new jobs with a formal contract in June. The data come from the new General Register of Employees and Unemployed (Caged) published Thursday (29) by the special secretariat of social security and labor of the Ministry of the Economy. This is the balance of 1,601,001 admissions and 1,291,887 dismissals. The market consensus was 270,000 jobs for the month.

With the updated figures, the country’s formal employment stock reached 40,899,685 in June, compared to 40,320,857 jobs recorded in April. This is the sixth consecutive month of job creation. This year alone, the balance of jobs is 1,536,717, resulting from 9,588,085 entries and 8,051,368 layoffs. The real average admission salary increased from R $ 1,807.88 in May to R $ 1,806.29 in June.

Regarding sectors, there is a positive balance in all groups of economic activities, with an emphasis on the service sector, followed by trade and industry in general. The South, South-East and North-East regions pull the result upwards.

market view

Banco Original analysts compare Caged metrics and PNAD Contínua’s latest disclosures and say the gap between results has gradually narrowed. The company expects the formal labor market to continue to perform well, driven by initiatives such as “Bem renewal, service sector recovery – amid the advance of vaccination and the gradual improvement in the pandemic – and the continued increase in interim acceleration in recent months.

“Among the justifications, the return of individuals – mainly the informal ones – to the economically active population (labor force) stands out at a faster pace than the return to professions”, specifies the Bank. “In other words, while Caged – which only looks at the formal segment of the labor market – has shown consistently positive results, PNAD results have been mixed, not because the labor market (formal and informal ) no longer straightens. , but rather because employment and income statistics have been impacted by this more accelerated recomposition of the working population, which has exclusively impacted the results of the PNAD “.

According to the analysis of Rodolfo Margato, economist at XP Macro Watch, job creation should also continue to show strong results in the coming months, “like (I) the reopening of the economy, (II ) the firmness of domestic demand, (III) increased confidence and (IV) new edition of the BEm program (Emergency allowance for the maintenance of employment and income) “.

“[O BEm] it has been effective enough to limit layoffs in the formal labor market since May 2020, even with monthly numbers of contract terminations close to the totals seen before the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis. For example, the average monthly layoffs between January 2019 and February 2020 was 1.29 million, while the average recorded in April 2020 and June 2021 was 1.31 million, “says the economist. XP predicts net creation 2.18 million formal jobs in 2021.

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