The country generated 316,000 formal jobs in July

Caged Data: Brazil Generated Over 316 Formal Jobs | Photo: Albari Rosa / Archives / Gazeta do Povo

Brazil generated 316,000 formal jobs in July, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs informed Thursday (26). The data can be found in the new General Register of Employees and Unemployed (Cage), released by the dossier on Thursday.

The amount is a balance of 1,656,182 new hires and 1,339,602 redundancies. This is the 7th consecutive month in which the results are positive. In the cumulative result of the first seven months of the year, the Brazilian economy generated 1.8 million formal jobs, already discounted for layoffs.

The five sectors of the economy recorded a positive balance, with an emphasis on the area of ​​services, followed by trade and industry in general. As for the regions, the positive number is drawn by the North region, then the North-East and the South-East.

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