The dollar has its biggest gain in two months and closes at R $ 5.66

The rise of the dollar and the fall of the Brazilian stock market testify to the pessimism of the financial market of the country at the beginning of the year | Photo: Freepik

The year started with pessimism in the financial market. Under pressure from internal and external factors, the dollar hit its highest daily level in two months. The stock market fell, despite the rise in international markets.

The trading dollar closed on Monday (3) at R $ 5.663, up R $ 0.087 (+ 1.56%). In percentage terms, it was the biggest one-day valuation since October 21, when the price rose 1.9%, amid the announcement of the proposed Constitution Amendment (PEC ) of the Precatório.

The pessimism was also reflected in the stock market. The B3 Ibovespa index ended the day at 103,922 points, down 0.86%. The indicator came to operate on a higher in the morning, but did not strengthen the trend, against the North American stock markets, up on Monday.

Abroad, the dollar had a higher world day, with the prospect of a rise in interest rates in the United States. At the last meeting, the Federal Reserve (Fed, US Central Bank) announced that it intends to increase base interest rates in the planet’s largest economy at least three times in 2022. Higher rates encourage the drain of resources from emerging countries, such as Brazil.

On the domestic market, expectations with the increase in public spending continued to influence the negotiations. The promulgation of the law which extends the wage bill exemption for various sectors of the economy until the end of 2023 without specifying the source of income (or the reduction in costs) of these measures has been badly received by investors, while like the threat of different strike. categories of the public service which demand salary increases.

* With information from Reuters

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