the effects of the Russian cancellation on the world

– Russia’s cancel culture after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has claimed many victims around the world

*) Even the Stroganoff did not escape. In the wake of the wave of rejection of Russia caused by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, artists, cultural works and even Russian cuisine have become the target of boycotts around the world.

The Russian cancellation has led, for example, the Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra in Wales to withdraw works by composer Tchaikovsky from their upcoming concerts.

In Canada, 20-year-old Russian pianist Alexander Malofeev has been removed from the performance program of the Orchester symphonique de Montréal, which, according to the English newspaper The Guardian, considered that his presence would be “inappropriate” at this time and that his return will take place “when the context allows it”.

There was also the episode at a university in Italy, where a course on the writer Dostoyevsky, perhaps the biggest name in Russian literature, was canceled. The institution backtracked after the negative repercussions.

The Russian cancellation is the subject of this episode of the 15 Minutes podcast. The guest is the journalist and columnist of Gazeta do Povo, Paulo Polzonoff Jr.

The 15 Minutes podcast is a space for discussion on important issues, always with analysis and participation by the Gazeta do Povo team of journalists. From Monday to Friday, in a light and dynamic way, with the duration that adapts to the rush of your day. The presentation is by journalist Márcio Miranda.

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