The eternal promise of cheaper gas: can it be done?

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President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) has once again put on the agenda a relatively old debate, but still very present in the pockets of Brazilians: the price of gasoline and fuel. In his week live last Thursday (19), he even claimed that the amount charged for these products is cheap, but it is state taxes that make them more expensive and strain the family budget. So, once again, he challenged the governors to eliminate these taxes and even suggested selling bottles directly from the distributor as a way to keep costs down.

But to what extent is this really true? We know that there is no magic and that high prices – and their constant increases – have all this math and logic behind them, so is it possible to dream of a drop in the prices of these very items? basic?

To answer these questions, the 15 Minutes podcast receives Fernando Jasper, economic writer at Gazeta do Povo, who explains the conditions that made gasoline and gasoline more expensive, which is true in Bolsonaro’s speech and the weight policy of these assertions.


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