The government recognizes the need to maintain the exemption of social charges, according to the rapporteur

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Deputy Jerônimo Goergen (PP-RS), rapporteur for the bill in the House | Photograph:

The federal government intends to discuss a definitive alternative to the wage exemption, according to the deputy Jerônimo Goergen (PP-RS), rapporteur of the bill in the House. The Congressman had a meeting with representatives of the productive sector and with Flávia Arruda, Minister of the Government Secretariat, to discuss the extension of the proposal until 2026.

In a statement to the O Globo newspaper, Goergen said the government recognizes the importance of the measure. “The government recognizes the scale of the problem, knows the need to maintain the tax exemption and will want to build a definitive alternative,” he said. The congressman’s estimate is that the measure will generate a fiscal impact of up to R $ 10 billion per year and he endorsed the Economics Ministry’s arguments that there is no room in the budget to maintain exemption for the 17 sectors covered.

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