The House approves the bill regulating the rapporteur’s amendments

The plenary assembly of the Chamber of Deputies approved the draft law which regulates the rapporteur’s amendments. The text does not however offer the transparency determined by the STF at RP9 | Photo: Cleia Viana / Chamber of Deputies

By 268 votes in favor and 31 against, the Chamber approved the draft resolution of the National Congress (PRN) n ° 4/2021, which regulates the rapporteur’s amendments, known as RP9. The proposal follows the Senate, which must vote on Monday (29) the case.

The replacement of the approved project, by Senator Marcelo Castro (MDB-PI), tries to give more transparency to the rapporteur’s amendments. The wording establishes that nominations and applications must be posted on a website by the Joint Budget Commission (JOC) and forwarded to the federal government. The article also sets the volume of RP9 to be the sum of the values ​​of the individual amendments and bench.

The amendments are not, however, in line with the decision of the Federal Court (STF) to ensure transparency on those responsible for the rapporteur’s amendments in past budgets, in 2021 and in future ones. Senate Speakers Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) and House Speakers Arthur Lira (PP-AL) argue that it is not possible to comply with the determination.

A technical note signed by the Senate Budget, Oversight and Control Council, however, guarantees that Congress’ argument presented to the Supreme Court for maintaining the secrecy of appointments made to the general rapporteur “is patently false”.

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