the impact of the micron on the airline industry

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– Flights canceled due to the increase in Covid cases (mainly due to the advancement of the omicron variant) and influenza among crew members have increased in recent weeks

*) Many expected the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 to be a period of recovery of some normality after the nightmare caused by Covid-19. Then came the omicron variant, bringing an avalanche of cases across the world.

One of the sectors eagerly awaiting this recovery was aviation, one of the hardest hit by the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic. Businesses are already recovering, mainly since the second half of last year.

Advancement of Omicron and Impacts on the Airline Industry

It turns out that at the end of last year, airlines in Europe and the United States started to feel the effects of this new wave caused by the variant.

Apparently, this unwanted flight cancellation movement is starting to happen here in Brazil as well.

This “cold water bath” caused by the new wave of the pandemic and the impact of the ômicron on the aviation sector, in particular with the increase in canceled flights, are the themes of this episode of the 15 Minutes podcast. The guest is journalist and aviation specialist Gustavo Ribeiro.

The 15 Minutes podcast is a space for discussion on important topics, always with the analysis and participation of the Gazeta do Povo team of journalists. From Monday to Friday, in a light and dynamic way, with the duration which adapts to the affluence of your day. The presentation is by journalist Márcio Miranda.

Factsheet: “15 minutes”, Gazeta do Povo news podcast # Presentation and script: Márcio Miranda; content director: Rodrigo Fernandes; production team: Maria Eduarda Scroccaro editing: Leonardo Bechtloff; distribution strategy: Marcus Ayres.

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