“The income calculations were careful”

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Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said on Wednesday (14) that the first version of the income tax amendment proposal was wrong in the “dosage”. The statement was made during a live performed by Valor. According to the holder of Economics, although the principle is the same, the initial calculations of the Internal Revenue Service were “too conservative”. The minister also defended that the package of changes does not increase the tax burden.

“Brazil was at 0% [na tributação] dividends, increases to 20%, which is the lower range [em uma comparação com a comunidade internacional]. Brazil was also 38% on legal entities. He was charging a lot, at the upper limit of corporate tax, and he was below the lower limit of income tax on dividends. What we did was put the two closest to the lower range: 20% on dividends and 20% on the company. It is a basic principle, no one opposes it, only two or three countries have not collected dividends. This is our jabuticaba, ”the minister said.

He explained that the 5% reduction in corporate tax did not offset the 20% tax on dividends. “After conversations, we have reversed the weight of this seesaw. As liberals, we would rather run the risk of making mistakes in terms of reducing the burden than making mistakes in terms of increasing the tax burden.” , did he declare.

“We recalibrated the parameters, we came back to things that were really wrong. We made dosimetry errors, but the important thing is to recognize the error, go back and correct it as quickly as possible. “, did he declare. “We are very sure that we can lower not the original 5%, but 10% of the corporate tax rate. It goes from 34% to 24%. Brazil has never seen anything like it. are going to lower this rate considerably, “he said. . The government plans to eventually reduce the tax burden to 25% of GDP.

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