The IPCA-15 closes the year up 10.42%, the highest cumulative since 2015

Before official inflation, the 2021 CPI-15 is the highest in six years, driven by transportation and housing. Photo: Antonio Lacerda / EFE

The National Extended Consumer Price Index-15 (IPCA-15), which measures the official inflation snapshot, closed 2021 at 10.42%, according to data released this Thursday (23) by the IBGE. This is the highest rate recorded for a year since 2015 (when it reached 10.71%).

In December, the IPCA-15 recorded inflation of 0.78%, against 1.17% the previous month and 1.06% in December 2020. Of the nine groups of products and services studied, seven increased over the course of the year. of the month. Only health and personal care (with a fall in prices of 0.73%) and education (in stability) did not register an increase over the period.

The biggest impact on the official inflation preview in December also came from transport, which had inflation of 2.31% over the period, mainly due to rising fuel prices (3.40% ), such as gasoline (3.28%), ethanol (4.54%) and diesel (2.22%). House prices rose 0.90%, mainly driven by the increase in the cost of electricity (0.96%). Diet increased by 0.35%, influenced by products such as ground coffee (9.10%), fruits (4.10%), meats (0.90%) and onions (19, 40%). The information comes from AgĂȘncia Brasil.

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